My New Travel Buddy: The Artrips Carry-On Luggage

Every travel tale is unique, but mine took an interesting turn the moment I switched to the Artrips Carry-On Luggage. Let me share why this piece isn’t just luggage, but a travel revolution in its own right.

A Fusion of Durability and Elegance

On a recent weekend jaunt to New York, the Artrips didn’t just survive the trip; it aced it. Its polycarbonate shell, a marvel from Germany, shrugged off the hustle of JFK like it was nothing. And at a mere 6.6 lbs, sprinting to catch that last-minute subway felt almost effortless.

Space Like Never Before

The real game-changer? Its capacity. Packing has always been a Tetris game for me, but the Artrips turned it into a breeze. With 47 liters of space, my laptop, wardrobe, and even those impulsive shopping spree treasures all found their cozy corners.

Security Meets Style

Navigating through security was a breeze, thanks to the TSA lock. And then there’s the design – the bread motif isn’t just cute; it’s a conversation starter. Waiting in line at a Brooklyn café, it even got me a compliment (and a coffee) from a fellow traveler.

Gliding Through the City

The 8 spinner wheels were like dancing partners on the city’s pavements, twirling effortlessly at every turn. Coupled with its ergonomic handle, the Artrips felt less like luggage and more like a travel companion, always ready for the next move.

Why It’s More Than Just Luggage


It’s rare to find a piece of luggage that blends in yet stands out, that carries your essentials yet carries itself with flair. The Artrips Carry-On isn’t just about what you pack; it’s about the stories you bring back. From sparking conversations to gliding through bustling streets, it’s the little details that turn a good trip into a great one.

So, if you’re on the lookout for luggage that gets you – and gets you there in style – give the Artrips Carry-On a whirl. Who knows what stories you’ll tell? You can check it out here.

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