Dive into Adventure: Top 7 Places to Swim with Wild Dolphins!

When dolphins come to mind, perhaps you think of trained creatures performing flips at marine parks. But, there’s an even more magical experience out there: swimming with wild dolphins in their natural habitat! Just as you can meet wild penguins in diverse corners of the world, there are several spots where you can dive into clear waters and share moments with these incredible marine mammals. Ready for the splash of a lifetime? Let’s explore the top seven destinations where you can swim with wild dolphins without breaking the bank!

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1. Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Bottlenose Dolphins

Swim Amidst Bottlenose Dolphins

Dive into the pristine waters of the Bay of Islands, where friendly bottlenose dolphins play. A popular spot for dolphin encounters, with guided tours ensuring respectful and memorable experiences.

Tour Costs: Approximately NZ$110 per person

2. Red Sea, Egypt

Spinner Dolphins

Dive with Spinner Dolphins

The warm waters of the Red Sea welcome you to swim alongside the playful spinner dolphins. Guided tours provide snorkeling equipment and sometimes even include a beach BBQ!

Tour Costs: Approximately $50 per person


3. Bimini, The Bahamas

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

The Atlantis Road and its Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

Encounter Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in the crystal clear waters around Bimini. Besides dolphins, you might even stumble upon the mysteries of the Atlantis Road!

Tour Costs: Starting from $100 per person

4. Hawaii, USA

Spinner Dolphins

Say Aloha to Spinner Dolphins

The Hawaiian archipelago offers several spots where you can dive alongside spinner dolphins. Oahu and Big Island tours especially provide moments that you’ll cherish forever.

Tour Costs: Around $120 per person

5. Azores, Portugal

Dolphins in Azores

Meet Multiple Dolphin Species

The Azores is a paradise where you can swim with common, bottlenose, and even Risso’s dolphins! Guided tours ensure eco-responsible encounters.

Tour Costs: Starting from €70 per person

6. Ponta Delgada, Madeira

Dolphins in Madeira

Dive into a Dolphin Dream

Ponta Delgada in Madeira offers fantastic opportunities to swim with both dolphins and pilot whales, making it a marine mammal lover’s dream destination.

Tour Costs: Approximately €50 per person

7. Dunsborough, Australia

Bottlenose Dolphins

Experience the Euphoria with Bottlenose Dolphins

Western Australia’s coastal waters in Dunsborough promise incredible encounters with bottlenose dolphins amidst coral reefs and clear waters.

Tour Costs: Around A$90 per person


Swimming with wild dolphins is a profound experience that bridges the gap between humans and the wonders of marine life. These seven destinations offer affordable, eco-responsible, and unforgettable memories with these intelligent and playful creatures. Whether you’re an avid snorkeler or taking your first dip into dolphin waters, these spots promise waves of joy.

Please Note: The information provided, especially regarding fees and costs, may change over time. Always consult the official websites or contact local tour operators to get the most recent information before planning your visit. Dive in and make a splash! 🐬

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