Discovering Wangerooge: Wait, Germany Has Islands?

So, when I first thought about Germany, Oktoberfest, picturesque castles, and dense forests were the first things to pop into my mind. But islands? That was a delightful surprise! Wangerooge is one of those lovely little secrets. It’s not just an island; it’s a beautiful canvas of nature and culture, almost whispering tales of the North Sea.

How to Get There:

  • By Ferry: Kicking off from Harlesiel is my personal pick for reaching Wangerooge. There’s just something about that boat ride, feeling the North Sea winds and watching Wangerooge peek at you from a distance. And the moment you land, there’s the adorably efficient Wangerooge Island Railway ready to shuttle you deeper into the island.
  • By Air: For those keen to bypass the waterways and get straight to the skies, you’ve got options! You can catch a short flight from Flugplatz Harlesiel. These flights are super quick, usually around 15 minutes, and they’ll set you back somewhere between €50 to €100, depending on when you’re traveling and how early you book. And here’s a little perk: once you touch down, you’re just a stone’s throw from the island’s wonders.

A Little Note on the Island Tax:

Now, this caught me off guard the first time. There’s a small island tax, about €3.50 per day. Think of it as your contribution to keeping the island pretty and service-ready.

Where to Crash (I Mean, Sleep!):

  • Strandhotel Gerken: Nestled right by the beach, this hotel provides a direct touch of the sea. Whether you’re enjoying a meal or lounging in your room, the serene waves are always within sight and sound. Highly recommended for those who prioritize location and ambiance (Est. €100-€140/night).
  • Parkhotel Wangerooge: Set amidst calming greenery, this hotel offers both relaxation and elegance. It’s a favorite for those looking to immerse themselves in Wangerooge’s natural beauty while enjoying top-tier amenities (Est. €120-€160/night).

If you’re looking to get a real feel of island living or are on a tighter budget, Airbnb offers a variety of homestays, apartments, and unique lodgings. It’s a fantastic way to integrate more closely with the local community and often presents more affordable accommodation choices.

Must-Visit Spots:

  • Strand Wangerooge – As one of the primary attractions of the island, Wangerooge’s beach, or “Strand Wangerooge,” is a must-visit. Stretching along the coastline, it offers soft sands, clear waters, and the perfect setting to watch the dramatic North Sea waves. Whether you’re into sunbathing, beach volleyball, or just a peaceful walk alongside the surf, this beach has something for everyone.
  • Wangerooge Lighthouse – Okay, confession: I have a thing for lighthouses. And the view from atop? Absolutely breathtaking.

For the Nature Buffs:

  • Seals: Seriously, these guys are the island’s celebrities. Their sunbathing game? Strong.


  • Migratory Birds: Bring binoculars. This is a front-row ticket to some of nature’s finest avian displays.

Migratory Birds

Hungry? Here’s Where to Eat:

  • Cafe Pudding – For everyone with a sweet tooth, this place is a dream. Each pastry feels like a hug.
  • Restaurant Friesenjung – Food with a view? Yes, please! Feels like the sea is serving you directly.
  • Der Pirat: Embark on a culinary voyage at Der Pirat, a restaurant adorned with maritime decor, echoing Wangerooge’s rich seafaring history. Dive into a menu featuring German classics and fresh catches, all served in a memorable, pirate-themed setting.

Heads Up: Just remember, costs can change. It’s always a smart move to check the latest info before you start packing those bags.

Wrapping Up:

So there you have it! Wangerooge isn’t just a spot on a map; it’s an experience. From its stories of old to the tunes of nature, every nook of the island has something to share. Are you ready to listen?

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